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nortelben February 14th 18 06:51 PM

Advice for BT landline fault.
I wondered if anyone with time at BT or professional knowledge might be able to help me in my fault diagnosis before I risk incurring a 130 engineer fee from BT.

Only fault is an intermittent one. It manifests in two ways. One, when we call out the people we are calling do not hear us, only silence but we can hear them.

If calling in sometimes, people get no ringing tone at all. and sometimes a message saying this line is temporarily unavailable, this issue can last for moments or hours.

My question relates to our setup in the house. We have the main connection box where the line comes in from outside. One phone is plugged into an broadband filter (brand new) straight into that. Then another fixed extension line runs out from this to another phone again with a brand new broadband filter. Finally another line runs into an Nortel 6+16 system that has been here for years and given fault free service.

My question is, given the Norstar system is on its on extension line, if there was a fault with the Norstar, could it 'inflict' its behaviour on the other phones that connect separately to the same line? So not touching the Norstar phones, but using the phone straight from the junction box, I get the same fault.

Sorry for the long message but trying to give as much detail as poss. Just not sure if the phone system can cause the whole line to misbehave in the house even down other extensions.

Any help much appreciated. Hoping not to loose the phone system as I really like it and it has done so well. Many thanks. Ben.

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