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Originally Posted by Bascule View Post

I've just joint the forum with the sole purpose of picking some brains!

I have had a lovely old black Bakelite phone knocking around the house for years. Back in the late eighties/early nineties we had it connected up, mainly for the ring: it was perfect - gentle but with enough presence to be heard throughout the house. It seems a softer ring than any other old phone I've heard - like the bells are made from something a little lighter and more delicate than other phones. I remember noting that the phone was not British. I think it was Portuguese, though I'd have to dig it out and check.

Anyway, basically, I'd like to try and get it back in service, just for the ring. I have the perfect spot for it but there is currently no socket nearby. If I take the phone to the wall socket in the hall and use an old filter/adapter to connect it up in place of the current Panasonic cordless, it works fine. So I could probably run an extension from there without too much trouble.

However, my question is whether or not there is a (admittedly slightly lazy) wireless option? I'm sure I've seen wireless phone extensions in the past, but my more recent googling hasn't come up with anything.


Any advice would be gratefully received...
British Telecom used to do a wireless 'remote socket' for use with one of their Divese 'dect' cordless phone bases. See for the manual but it is some while since it was about.

It sounds as though you've got a Bakelite phone made by 'AEP' (Automatica Electrica Portuguesa - a subsidiary of Automatic Telephones & Electric Ltd of Liverpool later acquired by Plessey Telecommunications Ltd). The circuit I'm sure you will find is the same as that of the GPO's Telephone No 332 and thus you could modify it to the modern day BT socket system by following the instructions at and scroll down to click on "How to wire your Telephone No. 332 to make it work on Plug and Socket". It should then work OK with the modern system. The leads with BT plug can be found on eBay - search for 'black BT line cord'. About 3 each. Hope that helps? Otherwise let me know.

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