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Originally Posted by hoppy1986 View Post
So I've just moved into a new house. Each room has a phone socket. One bedroom has two sockets with one of these being the only live socket in the house. How do I make the other sockets live? Any help appreciate.
Where does the incoming line enter the house? The first incoming socket should have a detachable front plate onto the rear of which your own internal wiring is terminated. But as it is a new house, it seems odd that the sockets have not all been wired up? You say there are two sockets in the bedroom - are they both on the same faceplate? There are two sorts of faceplates with two sockets on the front - one is a 'double' (both on the same line) and a 'twin' (two separate lines) - could be they have fitted 'twin' rather than a 'double' and hence the line is not continuous? Trace the cable between the sockets should give a clue if it is visible. Are there cables terminated on the rear of each socket?

That should give more of a clue.