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Originally Posted by Steve_W View Post
I am an ex BT employee, joined in 1998 and was buddied up with a lovely old feller who showed me the ropes.

He swore by the old 1985 oscillator over the more modern types. I have the more modern types but recently purchased this off eBay:

I need batteries for the oscillator part of the kit, does anyone know where I can get them? I believe the BT term is cell, dry no2.

The battery terminal is the same type as a standard 9 volt battery, but the positive and negative terminals are further apart.

Even if I knew the correct voltage I could find a modern equivalent I'm sure!

Many thanks!
The 1983 Vocabulary of Engineering Stores doesn't have such a thing as a 'Cell Dr No 2' - in any case dry cells were 1.5 volts. It does list an 'Oscillator No 87D' which it says uses a 9 volt 'Battery No 30' which is fitted with press studs. Size of battery is 1 and 13/15th of an inch (45mm) square and 2 and 7/16th of an inch (62mm) high. This size battery is known as a PP7 size and not very common these days but still available. Now I suggest you sit down!!
They cost just over 14.00 each on eBay inc. carriage. I'd tend to go to Maplins and get connectors to allow you to use PP3 batteries - a lot cheaper and I'm sure you'll not be giving it the usage of a hard working Telephone Engineer?

More than that I cannot help.

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