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Originally Posted by Alex Bell View Post
I'm looking to buy a good quality Krone-type 2A IDC tool without paying over the odds for it. It'd be for personal rather than professional use, so spending £25 for the real deal isn't really necessary.

Might the cognoscenti of uk.telecom be able to offer any recommendations of what to buy, and where to buy it? (Online retailers etc.)

In the context of the period 1650 -1840, how far do you agree with the implications of the following statement regarding the abolition of the slave trade and slavery in the British Empire?
“Those who see in abolition the gradual awakening conscience of mankind should spend a few minutes asking themselves why it is man’s conscience, which had slept peacefully for so many centuries, should awake just at the time that men began to see the unprofitableness of slavery as a method of production in the West Indian colonies." - CLR James