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Default Highgate Wood experimental electronic exchange (1960s)

"Mike Fletcher" wrote in message
"Martin Cope" wrote in message

Rectory exchange, on the edge of Rectory Park, behind a pub on Rectory

Sutton Coldfield.
I spent the first half of 1974 there during installation.

Martin Cope
ex STC New Southgate


Here's a reminder of what it looks like from the outside, these days, no
doubt just the same although I'm sure the inside bears absolutely no
resemblance to 74.

I understand Ian J. was also involved with the installation/commissioning



Thanks for pointing me to your very interesting website. Yes the outside
looks the same but a bit shabbier.
I don't recall Ian J., but I wasn't one of STC's Installation group, I was
from the 'system lab' i.e. design verification group. About half a dozen of
us were seconded to help Installation with the first one which was very much
a test bed for installation practices for both STC and PO.
IIRC the site opened for installation about Sept 73. I arrived Oct 73 and
left June 74 ('cos getting married in July) when a substantial amount of the
TXE4 was installed and working. Completion, modifications and final testing
meant it was 76 before it went into service. A trailer full of clockwork was
parked outside the exchange building to provide service until the TXE4 was