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BT Easicom 1000 factory reset
I have a BT Easicom 1000 which is displaying various incomprehensible symbols and has some old accounts password protected. I would like to reset it to remove all the old data and hopefully restore it to as-new functionality (minus the discontinued Bt services of course). Does anyone know how to rest this phone, or alternatively, know where a service manul can be obtained? The user manual is of...
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Advice for BT landline fault.
I wondered if anyone with time at BT or professional knowledge might be able to help me in my fault diagnosis before I risk incurring a £130 engineer fee from BT. Only fault is an intermittent one. It manifests in two ways. One, when we call out the people we are calling do not hear us, only silence but we can hear them. If calling in sometimes, people get no ringing tone at all. and sometimes...
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ex GPO Red & White Tent Available
Hello all, This is my first post here, so please forgive me if I'm breaking forum rules.... I have an original GPO red and white stripy tent that I wish to sell. It's one of the earlier ones with a heavy ash frame. It's not in wonderful condition, some of the canvas has rotted but it is complete and totally restorable. It was given to me years ago by an old pal who was a BT engineer. I had...
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Old style BT junction box
Hi House I'm about to move into appears to have some fairly archaic wiring and the line from outside goes to a junction box like this http://m1.ttxm.co.uk/sites/rightnow/broadband/old_junction_box.jpg And then goes into this (what I believe to be a simple telephone socket) http://www.telecomsbanter.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=3&stc=1&d=1493313396 How easy (or not) should it be for me to...
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I frequently run out of mobile data. Can anyone suggest a good data plan?
I frequently run out of mobile data Can anyone suggest a good data plan?
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BT Inspiration clip/hook/cradle
Anybody got a faulty BT Inspiration featurephone? I am in need of JUST the clip/hook/cradle (which supports the handset when the phone is wall mounted). Thanks
by dance
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Text to speech
Hi all this is my first post, can anyone help with the following Have a BT6500 connected to my landline I can send and receive texts from BT and O2 mobile phones the received texts are displayed as text as a mobile phone would. But from phones on Three.co.uk texts are being converted to text to speech, this hopeless for me as my hearing is not 100%, the electronic voice is particularly...
by Text1
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Help identifying these cables
Hi folks. I've just signed a lease for a new industrial premises. It had a previous occupant that must have been there for quite a while. Either way, i've been planning out our telecoms for the premesis. Thankfully the previous occupants left the entire building fully plumed up with CAT5e in every rooms, all neatly terminated in a cabinet in what will become the comms room. I've identified...
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Deinstallation in a data centre (DDF)
Hi all! How is everyone? I've got a quick question about techniques for removing all cables from a DDF in a deinstall. I've done loads of them however it always seems to be a tedious time consuming process. I've used Recip saws, ratchet cutters, hacksaw....every logical option and it never seems to be any quicker. Anyone got any techniques they've used that works? We're talking enterprise size...
by Ben178
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BT Versatility Engineer
Hello, I am looking for assistance from a Telecoms Engineers with a BT Versatility I have purchased. Where I am based there are no engineers and being a small business I like to know how things work anyway Am not looking for free information but it would be help via email. I can offer money or advise on Domestic commercial or refrigeration appliances! In brief I have Versatility with all the...
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Wireless phone extentions?
Hi, I've just joint the forum with the sole purpose of picking some brains! I have had a lovely old black Bakelite phone knocking around the house for years. Back in the late eighties/early nineties we had it connected up, mainly for the ring: it was perfect - gentle but with enough presence to be heard throughout the house. It seems a softer ring than any other old phone I've heard - like the...
by Bascule
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Using Door Entry System with hosted Telephone system
I am looking at options for various hosted telephones system and want to integrate this with a hosted Telephony solution (We currently have an old BT BCM). I have spoken to a number of vendors who use the broadsoft or Ringcentral platform and they are unable to provide this as a solution, as the handsets are locked-down and any updated firmware would remove customised configuration from the...
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Selling fixed services like ISDN30
Hi Guys, I have just started working as a sales rep for a fixed line provider selling analogue lines, isdn30 etc. and I have a query to put to anyone doing the same. Should I be claiming/rewarded for call rates on these channels also when selling these services. e.g. I obviously claim the sales price for the install and rental costs to the customer but should I also be rewarded for the amount...
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House setup
So I've just moved into a new house. Each room has a phone socket. One bedroom has two sockets with one of these being the only live socket in the house. How do I make the other sockets live? Any help appreciate. Thanks James
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Batteries needed for BT Oscillator 87E
I am an ex BT employee, joined in 1998 and was buddied up with a lovely old feller who showed me the ropes. He swore by the old 1985 oscillator over the more modern types. I have the more modern types but recently purchased this off eBay: http://i.imgur.com/cEkNvXv.jpg I need batteries for the oscillator part of the kit, does anyone know where I can get them? I believe the BT term is cell,...
by Steve_W
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Lock 39
I am a newbie to this site. I have restored a red payphone 735 , using a "Rotatone" mod so that I can use the dial for MF pulsing. Everything seems to be working fine but I need a Lock 39 to complete my project Do any of you guys know where I can get one? Cheers
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Trading Mobile Contracts
Hi. I've seen in the USA there are a number of services which allow you to buy and sell mobile phone contracts. So if you're in a contract you want to get out of, you can sell it to someone else. The person buying it gets a good deal, because the sale price would be lower than the actual contract price. It's a cheaper way of getting out of a contract than buying yourself out (which is...
by f1982
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Lock 39 Key or new lock
Hello all, my name is Ray and I'm a newbie here. I have coinbox 14d (button A/B) and I have lost the mech cover key. Its a lock39. I would like to ask for a spare lock and key or a list of maintainece region suffix codes so I can then ask for a loan of the correct key Alternatively maybe someone knows how to hack the lock without damaging it so I can maybe reverse engineer a key? I have tried...
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WB1400 Speech Receiver and Speaker
Hi, I am looking for any help and or advice with regards to reactivating (more simulating) the "attack" warning and confidence tones that would have been produced by this equipment when in use with the UKWMO. Unfortunately I do not have the CCP or CPE side kit, so I am looking to make suitable circuits to emulate their outputs in order to drive what I do have. If anybody on here can provide me...
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Installing Analog Phone on Network
Hi Guys Ive been asked to install a Berkshire 400 through cat5 cabling and hoped someone could help please. We have an rj45 socket on the wall that goes to the patch panel( in another room) which is also an rj45. The BT socket is next to the patch panel but I am not sure about which cables/ adapters I need to install. Can someone help me and tell me which cables I need?
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Help Needed for AB coinbox restoration
Hello All from new member! I have restored a Renters AB coinbox, still with pennies etc. Working very well. I would like to trade a GPO No14a lock or No 6 lock (I have both), for cash boxes) for a GPO No 39 lock ( I need this!). This is the lock for the top front AB coinbox panel. Please email if you can help. Many Thanks
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List of UK payphones
Hi, I am looking for a list with all the UK payphones, their numbers, locations etc. I was wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the correct direction for the information I need? Thanks Mike
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KX-TD816 Analogue Extension Caller ID
Hi, Having re-installed my KX-TD816 and about to get the ISDN2 installed to improve the line quality (we are about 6 copper miles from the exchange) I wanted to add calling line identification (so we can see who is calling) on our analogue dect phone, there is a display and when connected to our current BT analogue line it displays the caller Id, but I can't find any indication if this is...
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Hi This is a long shot! I have an old INDeX SDX 200 system which is working great, just need some advice on how to set up two additional inbound DDI numbers to groups. Currently have 01908283600 as main line using ISDN30 with a DDI range consisting of 80 numbers, I would also like: 01908283610 - to go to one group 01908283620 - to go to another group
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Old Meters
Hello All Just new on this site and wondering if any of you have (or know where to get either a Detector 4A or a couple of Testers 318A) Been trying to track these down on Fleabay etc without any success. Hope you can help. ATB
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Bt 300a Test Phone/buttset
Has anyone out there any experience of the 300A Buttset? I have just acquired a couple of these. One is completely dead, although battery power is getting through to the PCB; how far is anyone's guess. Were there any known problems in this respect? The second set works pretty well, but I am unsure as to what I should be hearing through the speaker. If I dial a number, the DTMF tones are only...
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XN120 Auto Attendant 1 digit press to mailbox
I have auto attendant setup on my ISDN lines happily. It answers calls, and lets you press 1, 2, 3 for different information messages, and then at the end of each message "If you want to leave us a message, press 0". I then have 0 pointing to an SLT entension with an answerphone on it. I wanted to remove the answerphone, and have 0 point to a mailbox (602 for example, being mailbox 2). This...
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Continuous ring - both phones
Telecommers: BT landline - second line to household, two phones branched off it. After intermittent occasions of continuous ringing, previously cured by picking up and hanging up, the continuous ringing is now ..continuous.. and incurable by hangup. Worse, BOTH phones on the line continuously ring. (The primary line is unaffected). Worse yet, BT claim there is no fault on the line.
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BT Versatility Site to Site
Hi, I understand that you can connect two BTV's together but this requires a subscription to BT's communications servers. Is there any way I can avoid this and set the system up to connect via a VPN? Essentially, I want to connect my main office with my branch office? Thanks!
by Darv
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Just joined the site, so hello to you all. I've been lucky enough to acquire a BT tone set as above, and would love to get hold of the operator's manual for it, should one exist. Does anyone know where this might be obtained please? Have drawn a blank with the internet so far!
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UK ring tone when abroad
I have a work mobile phone that is under the Vodafone network. I need to go abroad for a while, so I need my mobile number to ring with a UK ring tone. So when someone calls me and I am abroad, they will still hear the UK ring tone, and they will think I am in the UK. How can I make this happen? I heard that some companies offer the option of buying a UK number from them, where your mobile...
by kesm
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XN120 DDI Name Display
Hi. I have ISDN coming into the system, and a couple DDI's. The DDI's ring different phones, but on a couple phones, they can ring for either DDI's. With no caller display on the line (witheld, or before the caller ID was activated), the screen on the phones would show the DDI name on the top line and RINGING on the bottom line. With caller ID enabled, and with a non witheld number, the...
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XN120 DDI Auto Attendant
Hi. I have an XN120 on analouge lines running well, and each line as a seperate auto attendant system with press 1, press 2 etc. I am changing to ISDN lines, and wanted to have the main number goto one auto attendant, and a DDI goto another. It looks like auto attendant is attached to the line though, so if you direct a DDI to the auto attendant, it will have to be the same one as the lines...
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BT Versatility PBX - Ports Module not recognised
Hi All, Looking for some help regarding a BT Versatility PBX and a ports module that does not seem to be recognized by it. Our PBX has modules installed in the following order Base | 8 port | 8 port | Options | 8 port | 8 port When programming from a feature phone I can see only 32 extensions when I would expect to see 40 (8 in the base plus 4 * 8 from the ports modules). I can dial all 32...
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Xn120 So Interface
Hi. I have an XN120 with a 4 port BRI card. The four ports work when connected to an ISDN line. I wanted to do some testing of the BRI incoming settings, and thought I could set two of the BRI ports to S mode (right clicking in card config, select ports). Also switching the polarity on the card on the two ports. I just cannot get the SO mode working though, no dial tone to either a trunk...
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Alcatel Omnipcx Phone system unknown password
Hi, I can't remember the Alcatel Omnipcx office phone system password. I have tried the default password but to no avail. Can i change/reset password without the loss of the system data. I have tried to connect using OMC. tried both installer and manufacturer. Thanks in advance
by eos
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Buying a Krone-type 2A insertion tool
I'm looking to buy a good quality Krone-type 2A IDC tool without paying over the odds for it. It'd be for personal rather than professional use, so spending £25 for the real deal isn't really necessary. Might the cognoscenti of uk.telecom be able to offer any recommendations of what to buy, and where to buy it? (Online retailers etc.) TIA.
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Has 18185 disappeared, your help please!
I live in New Zealand - my elderly mother lives in London. Several months ago I set her up with 18185 the service for making cheap overseas calls. It's easy and doesn't require inputting a long access code. But today when she tries to call, she gets the message "this service is no longer available." The 18185 website is still up, but of course it's all automated so impossible to find out what's...
by Bea
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Help needed with STC SDX 40E
Is there anyone here who has any experience with wiring in one of these units please?
by Taff
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Good Experience
Hi just a quick one, I had an issue with UNICOM who refused to release me from my agreement which they had rolled me over on, so they claim. I took a call at exactly the right time from a guy called BRETT at Clear Talk Telecom, he helped me through my debacle, gave me accurate advice on how i can work around my issues with Unicom, something to do with Material Detriment, he then assisted me with...
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Make money with International Premium Rate Numbers
Over 30 destinations covering 200 countries Excellent rates and new Terminations Online real time statistics and CDR 24/7 Technical supports (Instant messenger MSN, Yahoo, Skype or E-mail) No setup fees Worldwide access Do you have access to CHEAP VOIP or SIMs? Can you generate traffic?
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Business seeks advice on integrating a Caller ID system into UK routers!
Hello all! I'm posting to ask for some technical advice on British routers for our company, tellows. Based in Germany, tellows provides an online platform in over 40 countries on which users can report their experiences with telephone numbers. This data is compiled and, via an algorithm, a trustworthiness rating (on a scale of 1-9) is generated for each number. Effectively, therefore, the...
by tellows
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BT Versatility Voicemail not clearing the line when caller hangs up.
Hello, Iíve recently installed a BT Versaitilty PABX with two PSTN lines & Voicemail at our business and it all seems ok except that I have a problem with one of the two PSTN lines. One of the settings Iíve had to change is to turn off the Guarded Clear setting on both lines. The problem is that both lines appear to work ok and you can make and receive calls fine. However on one line if an...
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Advice re multiple extensions off a single line (and number)
Hi, I am aware of a company who has 1 number with multiple extensions. Is able to hold 2 concurrent conversations AND send/ receive faxes and take PDQ payments but they do not have an ISDN line OR a telephone system. They pay about £10.00 per month in line rental and an additional £4.00 for the feature which allows the multiple "lines" on the same number. All calls are free and an additional...
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Becoming a Reseller
Apologies if I've started a thread thats alrerady been posted elsewhere, I have searched but I can't find a post similar. Im also new to the forum, so Hello! :) I currently work for a Telecoms provider and I am thinking about starting up my own company, probably as a reseller for somebody else and grow my own company along side it, with a view to going solo in a year or two. I currently...
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capital outsourcing group
hi guys, new to this forum was wondering if anyone knows anything about the telecommunications engineer jobs this company are recruiting for all over the country on behalf of bt outreach and kelly , i am an ex navy engineer and applied for one of the positions by means of cv, to my supprise i got a phone call straight away asking when i could attend the 13 day induction course,thought this was...
by murphy
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Confused by BT Inspiration Systemphone behaviour
I know from BT's own FAQ post (http://btbusiness.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/16131/~/where-can-i-get-a-telephone-extension-cable-for-the-bt-inspiration%3F) that they advise the systemphone is connected to an extension socket and not an extension lead. They advise the reason for this is because the featurephone is terminated in a 6 core cable/plug. From my own experience I have found...
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Auxiliary Line Wiring
Hi I've got two lines coming in which operate on a same number, so if the first line is engaged the remaining phones still ring, I think this is called "Auxillary Working"? Unfortunately I had to relocate the box and despite recording how it was all originally wired up, the second line feature now no longer working. Does anyone have a wiring diagam or description of how auxillary lines should...
by stoat
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phone line to RS232 (com port) or USB
Hi, I'm trying to find a "little black box" that will connect to my PC with a USB or RS232 connector and allow me to find out of the phone is "off the hook". If anyone has seen a box (or circuit diagram) to allow this (perhaps it would be as simple as enabling the CTS or DTR pins on com port) - then I'd LOVE to hear from you! I'm trying to record calls - but relying on the noise level coming...
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Contacting the Emergency Services
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPZv_8dABfU&feature=player_embedded Three years ago I posted on this Forum, asking for help in my research, regarding contacting the emergency services from a mobile phone and the help that I received from this Forums members set me on a path that I would never have envisaged, dealing directly with the Home Office, visiting the Operator Assistance Centres and...
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